NTB Survey at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Last week, we had a fantastic day out at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, meeting some of the talented designers and viewing their amazing creations.

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And thanks to one of our friends, Matthew Smith from Brighter Blooms, Double Gold Winner 2023 and Winner of the Queens Platinum Jubilee Award for Best In Show 2022, we were lucky enough to have the unique opportunity to gain early access to the show.

Seeing what goes on before the doors are opened to the general public gave us such a valuable insight into the hard work and the attention to detail that’s involved in exhibiting at this world-famous flower show.

From the careful watering of the delicate flowers to perfectly arranging the pieces on the chess board as part of the London Square Community Garden display, the exhibitors ensure their displays are just spot on. And it’s not surprising that the London Square Community Garden won a Gold Medal at the show – it was very well deserved.

It was clear to see that each of the gardens had been carefully designed and planned out, from concept to completion.

It’s undeniable that visiting shows like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is truly inspiring.

The Savills Garden

If you’re looking to create your own amazing outdoor space, you’ll also need to invest time at the design and planning stage. This will ensure that you achieve the final results that you’re looking for.

It’s a great idea to get high quality topographic survey information during the design stage, so you can plan the space accordingly.

Discover 6 reasons why topographic surveys are important for landscape design projects.

The Biophilic Garden Otsu – Hanare

Without having visibility lines evident through the existing topography, an understanding of the gradients and level differences across the site, as well as knowing the positioning of immovable features such as buildings and utilities, it’s impossible to design a space that accurately meets your needs, or your client’s needs. A topographic survey will also help you get a more accurate idea about how much everything will cost, ensuring budgets are met.

Hamptons Mediterranean Garden

At NTB Survey, we’re experienced in carrying out accurate and reliable topographical surveys to help people create wonderful outdoor spaces. They’re suitable for everyone from individuals to landscape architects and landscape designers.

Our experience allows us to quantify materials used in the design to effectively re-use material around the site, producing level drawings showing the difference between existing and proposed, in an easy-to-understand colour format. This allows materials to be recycled on site, avoiding potentially expensive import/export costs.

The Mary Anning Space To Learn Garden, Julie & Andrew Haylock

We can also provide surveys, with Land Registry Title Deeds overlaid, to give you the confidence and reassurance that your perfect design is contained within the land boundaries. Neighbours can then look over the fence to admire the creation, rather than asking you to remove the fence, taking out your garden kitchen!

Freddie’s Flowers

Let NTB Survey help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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