NTB Survey Celebrates CICES Approval

NTB Survey Awarded a CICES Approved Development Scheme in Geospatial Engineering.

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It all started during a pandemic…

Back in 2020, I was sat at my kitchen table in the middle of a pandemic pondering my future, when I bravely pushed the button to start NTB Survey Ltd.

There was no doubt in my mind that my future lay in Land Surveying, but to run a business, well that’s another matter.

Anyone who knows me will be acutely aware I have great ambitions, but when you’re part of a team and heading up your own company, there’s everyone else’s to consider too.

Today, I’m immensely proud to announce that one of my goals has now been accomplished!

NTB Survey now has a CICES Approved Development Scheme in Geospatial Engineering!

To be awarded this by the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors is quite an achievement.

I’m especially proud of our Senior Land Surveyor, James Brookes, for making this happen. His hard work and dedication to this scheme, and to NTB Survey in general, is truly appreciated. We all look forward to personally becoming members of CICIS in the future.

So, what exactly is the CICES Approved Development Scheme?

The CICES Approved Development Scheme (ADS) is an agreement between a company and CICES that defines the learning, development and experience opportunities that will be made available to recent entrants to a particular discipline.

The schemes provide a framework in which the trainee records personal and professional development and receives guidance and assessment at regular intervals. The aim of the scheme is to provide all trainees with a coherent and well-structured programme of development, which makes maximum use of the resources available.

This will mean that NTB Survey can recruit, motivate, and retain high calibre employees. We can ensure they develop their roles quickly and efficiently and are on their way to getting professionally qualified. They can be assured that they will receive appropriate training and development.

And CICES – why is this so important to NTB Survey?

The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is an internationally recognised professional body with a royal charter, founded in 1969 as the Association of Surveyors, and was incorporated in 1972.

Its members are acknowledged all over the world as part of an organisation that drives continuous improvement, innovation and best practice.

It’s a mark of quality, and for that I will have unwavering commitment.

Learn more about the CICES Approved Development Scheme (ADS) here.

Nick Bamber, June 2023

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