NTB Survey Case Study – Benefits of Machine Control Solutions

At NTB Survey, we recognise that machine control solutions are beneficial in so many different ways.

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When we spoke with our client about this job, we knew that speed and accuracy would be absolutely crucial…and we had the perfect solution – machine control.


PJ Murphy, Buckinghamshire
Assisting the company with high-value projects – engaged as a earthworks consultant and setting out engineer/ surveyor.

What Was Needed:

Our client approached NTB Survey as they had a large pond that needed to be re-designed. It was essentially a flood attenuation feature (a sustainable drainage system), storing rainwater that then gets released into the surface water system, at a rate which the sewerage system can handle effectively.

The client explained that the pond would need to be re-designed in a way that would blend into the natural landscape as it was adjacent to woods and fields. And the volume of it needed to be exactly the same as the original feature.

The client was very clear that this work needed to be carried out quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective way. This was one of the most crucial aspects of this work, as so often is with the land surveying services that we provide.

The Planning Stage:

With this clear brief from the client, we went away to identify the best way of tackling this job.

With the speed and accuracy needed, it soon became clear that a machine control solution would fit the job perfectly – having survey positioning equipment integrated with earthmoving machines.

As time was of the essence, we got to work quickly to re-design the pond, using our powerful and innovative software. This allowed us to create a model with an incredible degree of accuracy. When designing it, we made sure that it would blend into the surrounding landscape, with the volume remaining the same. We also ensured that the design gradients would allow for the area around the pond to be easily maintained, so that it wouldn’t become overgrown.

With our 3D model fully prepared, it was loaded onto a USB stick, ready for our return to site to carry out the work.

Getting to Work on Site:

With our USB stick in hand, we returned to the site in Thame to carry out the job. And yes, it really is that simple…once we’ve got the model loaded onto a USB, we’ve got everything we need to carry out the work quickly, efficiently and accurately.

The re-designed pond was perfectly cut out by the machine operator, providing a flood attenuation feature which blended into the landscape. And we should probably add that the operator had never actually used machine control before and was a little dubious before starting the work, as he was used to more traditional methods. But thanks to the effectiveness of the software and equipment, the work was easily carried out – with the results perfectly meeting our client’s requirements.

It was clear that our machine control solution had been ideal for this job, with the results speaking for themselves. The machine operator was impressed with the ease of the approach, the client was happy…and of course, we were pleased that we’d perfectly met the brief and timescales.


Key Benefits of Machine Control…

At NTB Survey, we recognise that machine control solutions are beneficial in so many different ways:

  • Projects can be planned out perfectly using the power of the software, in advance of the work being carried out. This means less time on site and lower machine operating costs – saving both time and money.
  • The software/technology means that work can be designed and carried out with an impressive degree of accuracy.
  • There’s no need for things like batter rails, pegs and stakes before the work can take place – this significantly reduces costs and the time needed to carry out the work.
  • The operator is in control of the earth moving – they don’t need to wait for an engineer to check positions.
  • Work can be undertaken by operators of all abilities. We ensure that our models are user-friendly, providing operators with clear instructions. We’re also on hand to provide any necessary assistance so all goes smoothly.
  • And perhaps the most impressive aspect of machine control is that the work is done right, first time around, no need for re-work – now who doesn’t want that? This efficient approach means that projects can be completed by the necessary deadlines, and in a cost-effective way.

But don’t just take our word for it… this is what the client had to say:

“Having used NTB Survey on numerous projects in the past, we find their ability to understand and deliver our requirements on time and in budget have assisted significantly in our continued successful expansion. They have recently provided technical assistance in fitting out all our earthworks plant with machine control. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with NTB Survey.”

Mike Coleman, Contracts Manager

Are You Looking for an Experienced and Reliable Land Surveyor?

At NTB Survey, we always provide our clients with a professional and friendly service. We apply our knowledge, skills and expertise to every job, along with using flexible approaches so we can provide our clients with bespoke and cost-effective solutions.

We’re passionate about what we do and we will always take advantage of the latest equipment, software and up-to-date approaches being used in the construction industry – we take pride in providing our clients with innovative solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about the machine control solutions we offer, and how they could be used on your construction project, please just get in touch. We provide free quotes for all of our land surveying services.

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