NTB Survey Team Training Day – Topographic Surveys

At NTB Survey, offering our staff regular training opportunities is important to us.

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We’ve recently had a team training day, which allowed us to share good practice around delivering our topographic survey service and learn from one another.

Watch this video to learn more about our topographic survey training day.

How Our Training Days Help Us To Provide Our Clients With The Best Service…

Developing Our Knowledge And Skills

We pride ourselves on using the latest tools and techniques when carrying out our surveys.

Our regular team training days ensure we’re continually developing ourselves.

This keeps us working at the top of our game, increasing our levels of performance and productivity.

Taking A Streamlined Approach

The surveying process is crucial to many projects, and having a well-informed and coordinated team helps to ensure that work is undertaken accurately and efficiently.

To facilitate this, we deliver training so that everyone is familiar with the approach that needs to be taken.

During training days, we’ll also often develop and streamline processes, so we’re working as effectively as possible.

Improved Communication

When we have our training days, team members have the valuable opportunity to get together, share good practice and discuss how they work.

It’s great to have these opportunities as it promotes effective team working within a positive work environment.

By learning together and discussing the surveying process, team members can better collaborate. We can also make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Increased Motivation

It’s important that we offer regular training opportunities. We know that the team gets so much out of them, and they allow them to progress in their roles at NTB Survey.

They are provided with new challenges and chances to learn, which keeps them engaged and motivated. This has the added benefit of reducing staff turnover.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Ultimately, our team training days help us to best serve our clients.

This results in us building well-established relationships with our clients, carrying out surveys for them time and time again. They also recommend our services to others…

“Nick and team are brilliant to work with. They really take the time to understand the brief and objectives and produced an excellent topographical report well within timeframes. I would definitely recommend.”

Tom Dixon

Top Takeaways From Our Topographic Survey Training Day:

“It was great for us to all get together as a team to share best practice when it comes to carrying out topo surveys.”

“I enjoy our training days. It means we can all learn from one another and develop consistent approaches.”

“It’s always good to have some time away from the day job, so we can learn from one another.”

“The day was really useful, particularly as we carry out lots of topographic surveys.”

We’ll look forward to our next NTB Survey team training day!

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